kelly magyarics

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The WinePod promises to " how to make wine just like the pros do". It's sleek, attractive and seems enticingly simple. Makes the old fashioned way of making wine seem, well, downright archaic.

However, the $1999 price tag doesn't make me want to run out and buy one right away (I can't, actually, even if I wanted to. There is a waiting list and they haven't even been released to the public yet). I'm curious to see if would-be home winemakers embrace this product, or see it as too of a high-tech solution that takes away some of the romanticism of doing it the traditional way.

I personally haven't yet gotten into home winemaking (but I hope to in the next year or so), but I can't help but think that part of the attraction of making your own wine is the satisfaction of knowing the time, labor and determination that went into making the finished product. The WinePod may make it too easy.