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Wine Gift Registries

Planning an upcoming wedding? Looking for other gift options than china or pots and pans? Well, if you and your fiancé like to drink wine, why not create a wine registry for your wedding guests? Wine is a very personal gift, one that (literally) reflects your taste. And, when you sit down to drink a bottle of a wedding gift of wine, you can both toast to happy thoughts of the special guest who gave it to you.

How do you go about creating a wine registry? Start by calling your local wine shops to see if they offer this option. There are also a lot of websites that offer wine registries, such as Morrell’s, Vino Italian Wine and Spirits, and Blanchard’s Wine and Spirits. You can create an account, browse and add wines, and then let your guests know about your wine wish list.

What should you add to your registry? First, think about the types of wines you and your fiancé already drink, and add some of those. But don’t limit yourself to familiar wines. Add wines that you have always wanted to try (perhaps a Grand Cru Burgundy, or a California cult Cabernet). Even if you can’t personally justify spending a lot of money on a bottle of wine, this is your wedding, and now is your chance to splurge. Also, select some wines suitable for ageing, maybe a First or Second Growth Bordeaux, or a fine German Riesling. Finally, don’t forget to add some bubbly to celebrate your new life together.

A wine registry is a relatively new option for weddings. But if you and your future spouse are oenophiles, then it could be just the thing to show your guests your great taste.