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Memories of Bourgogne...

A few years ago, my husband and I took an amazing vacation to France--Provence, the Riviera, Burgundy and Paris. I started reminiscing about this trip several weeks ago, when a fellow student in the wine certification course I am currently taking mentioned she is going to Burgundy in June to take some wine classes. Lucky, lucky woman.

We stayed outside Beaune, at an amazing place called Chateau de Melin. There, we did an onsite wine tasting (bien sur...), and enjoyed fantastic breakfasts. The location is great--just a few miles from Beaune, where we toured the Hospices du Beaune and the Marche aux Vins, and spent a few days soaking in the romantic scenery of Bourgogne, and sampling the local food and wine (we had very memorable meals at tiny, tiny restaurants in Meursault and Saint Romain...).

Can't wait to go back there someday...