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How to keep your opened bottle of wine fresh

There are several ways to extend the life of your opened bottle of wine. Of course, the most effective way is to finish the bottle, but that's not always feasible...

The Pek Wine Steward Suprimo uses argon gas to create a seal on the top of your opened bottle of wine, keeping oxygen from entering and oxidizing your wine. It's a fantastic little device, but its $100 price tag will keep the casual wine lover from purchasing it.

I've used the VacuVin Wine Saver Pump for years now. For about $14, you get a pump and 2 stoppers. It works by pumping out the air from the opened bottle, and it will allow you to keep the bottle an extra day or so. (Incidentally, I've found that price and quality are not directly related to how long an opened bottle will last. Some $5 bottles of wine purchased at Trader Joe's held their own better than expensive French or California wines. Experimention is key.)

Of course, if you don't want to use a wine saver, you have other options:

  • Buy half bottles of wine: These are much more manageable for weeknight dinners, or if you want to serve a different wine with each course.
  • Buy wine in a box: Don't scoff. You can get some decent wine in a box these days. Its main advantage is that it's airtight, and will keep for several months. This means you will not only be able to have "just a glass" whenever you want, you will have a constant supply of cooking wine on hand. Look for Hardy's from Australia, Three Thieves from Italy, and Black Box from California.