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Muscadet and Clambakes

Muscadet is a light white wine made from the Melon de Bourgogne grape (which is also known as the "Muscadet" grape). It's made in Nantais, in the western part of the Loire Valley, close to the Atlantic Ocean.

Its light, crisp quality--think tart green apples--makes Muscadet a perfect patio sipping wine. It also has some minerals on the nose and palate, and those who live in the area enjoy it with the local specialty--oysters.

Muscadets that are labeled "sur lie" have been aged on the dead yeast cells ("lees), giving the wine fuller body, some complexity and a bit of fizz.

If you are planning a clambake this summer, give Muscadet a try. It pairs with shellfish, it's light and refreshing for the hot weather, and it's easy on your wallet.