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Some wine trivia for your Friday

Give 2 reasons for decanting a wine.

1. Decanting a young wine will allow it to "open up" and mellow out some of the harsher tannins. 2. Decanting an old wine will allow the sediment--which has dropped out of the wine over time and ended up at the bottom of the bottle--to remain in the decanter when the wine is served (instead of on your teeth...).

In addition to Chardonnay, which of the following grapes can be used to make Champagne?
A. Riesling
B. Sauvignon Blanc
C. Pinot Noir
D. Cabernet Sauvignon

C. Pinot Noir can be used to make Champagne. Either the grapes are pressed right away so that they don't impart any color, or there is skin contact for a bit of time to make a nice rose Champagne (perfect for Valentine's Day or an anniversary...). The other grape that legally can be used to make champagne is Pinot Meunier, but that's typically used to blend with the Chardonnay and/or Pinot Noir.

Which is the primary white grape of Burgundy?
A. Chardonnay
B. Sauvignon Blanc
C. Riesling
D. Pinot Gris

A. Chardonnay is the major white grape of Burgundy. The other white grape that is legally allowed to be planted in Burgundy is Aligote--delicious but not as widely available in the U.S. as Chardonnay.