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New unbreakable wine glass, and tips for buying stemware

ARC International has just unveiled the Kwarx unbreakable wine glass at VinExpo in Hong Kong. Mikasa will use the glass as part of its new wine glass line, similar to Riedel in that they will offer differently shaped glasses for different types of wines.

What to look for when shopping for stemware:

* The thinnest rim you can find: Wine always seems to taste better when I drink it from a thin-rimmed glass. So, if you are a wine lover and you are registering for china and glassware for your upcoming wedding, keep this in mind--many sets of "good crystal" have really, really thick rims. And some crystal glasses are too small, to boot.

* A large bowl: This will allow you to swirl around the wine and release the aromas and flavors. Large wine glasses also look really attractive and modern setting on the dining room table. If you can only afford one set and plan to use them for both white and red wine, select a medium-sized bowl.

* What about the new stemless wine glasses? Personally, I am not a fan of these. For one thing, I don't like the fact that the temperature of your hand can change that of the wine, making both reds and whites too warm. And I also don't like putting fingerprints all over the glasses. But for wine lovers who are worried about breakage, or like the simplistic design, they might be a smart choice.

Riedel has been the ideal for excellent wine glasses, and some of their glasses can run upwards of $70 apiece. Spiegelau is a fantastic alternative, with similar design and a smaller price tag. And The Wine Enthusiast also carries their own lines of decent glassware.