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Kevin Zraly's new book covers winemaking in ALL of the states

In the Spring of 2001, I attended the Windows on the World Wine School, a two month course held at the top of the World Trade Center. The views were spectacular, the wines were stellar, and the classes were amazing--taught by Kevin Zraly, cellarmaster for Windows on the World restaurant, mentor to Andrea Immer, and renowned wine educator and speaker. I feel lucky to have attended one of the last sessions held at the top of the WTC (the course is now held in midtown).

Each year, Kevin publishes the Windows on the World Wine School book--the same "textbook" we used in class. For years, only California, the Pacific Northwest, and New York were covered when it came to wine making in the United States. This year, however, Kevin's book covers winemaking in all fifty states.

Wine IS made in all of the states these days, with North Dakota being the last state to create a winery. However, many states "cheat" in that the grapes aren't grown in the state, but brought in from other states, and then the wine is made there. Does that count? I'm not so sure. But I will continue to seek out wineries as I travel to different areas of the country (I'll be interested to try some of that pineapple wine that they make in Hawaii when I visit my brother sometime...)