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Tetra Paks and Wine

Last week, I tried a French Rabbit Pinor Noir "bottled" in a Tetra Pak. This packaging is similar to "wine in a box;" there is no bottle or cork to contend with or dispose of. The wine comes in a 1 liter pack (compared to a 750 mL bottle), which gives the consumer two extra glasses.

The French (and other Europeans) are embracing Tetra Paks as the perfect vessel for taking wine on a picnic. They fit well in a cooler, and you don't have to remember your corkscrew. Tetrapaks are not sealed as tightly as corked bottles, so the shelf life for these wines is about 6 months. (I would assume that most consumers buy wine in a Tetrapak on the way to the destination where they are going to drink it...)

So how was the wine? Well, I tried a Pinot Noir, and although the wine was not "varietally correct"--it didn't really taste like a Pinot Noir--it wasn't bad. It was more like a fun, fruity, non-cerebral Beaujolais Villages (that had undergone some carbonic maceration.) Not a bad option for a picnic.