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Have a Sticky for Dessert

Muscats from Rutherglen, Australia are unctuous, syrupy, and complex dessert wines (the Aussies refer to dessert wines as "stickies."). Because they are made from the Muscat grape, they have that easy to recognize "grapy" and floral aroma and flavor. But due to the way they are made (they are stored in hot conditions similar to the way Madeira is produced, and they are heavily oxidized,) the wines pick up complex notes of caramel, toffee and nuts.

Last night, I tried an R.L. Buller Premium Fine Muscat from Rutherglen. It was fantastic--viscous and sweet, yet with a small touch of acidity. With strong caramel aromas, flavors of toffee and some dried fruits, and a delicious, lingering finish, it's a wine to return to, sip after sip.

So what desserts pair with these wines? In my opinion, Rutherglen muscats are dessert, and nothing else is needed. But, if you insist, then I would suggest creme brulee or caramel apple pie to pair with the caramel notes.