kelly magyarics

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My faith in rose has been restored!

The last few dry roses I have tried have been very disappointing, with dull fruit (if the fruit was there at all,) too much alcohol, and without the refreshing complexity that I enjoy in a good rose.
Last night my faith in rose was restored. I tried a 2005 Pink Knot from McLaren Vale, Australia. It was everything a good rose should be, with ruby pink color, strawberries and a bit of spice on the nose, berries and red currant on the palate to match, good acidity, body and complexity. In short, a perfect wine for sipping this summer. The label didn't indicate what grapes were used, but my bet would be grenache, along with some shiraz.

Another appealing thing about this wine is the closure. Not quite a cork, and not a screw cap either. It had a plastic piece around the neck of the bottle to pull off, and then a mushroom cap-type stopper, which could be replaced after opening the bottle. A pretty neat design.

Take it on a picnic (you won't need a corkscrew), or enjoy it on the deck with some cheese, crackers, olives, nuts and cured meats.