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Jay-Z's bubbly boycott

It was reported yesterday that Jay-Z will stop selling Cristal champagne at locations of his 40/40 club, and he will stop drinking it himself, after the managing director of Roederer made references to the "unwelcome attention" that the hip-hop world has paid to the champagne.

Frederic Rouzoud of Louis Roederer, the champagne house that makes Cristal, said he views hip-hop's fascination with Cristal champagne with "curiosity and serenity." He was also credited with using the term "unwelcome attention" when referring to rap and hip-hop artists' mention of Cristal in songs, but it was actually the writer of the article who said this. For many years now, Cristal has been mentioned in rap songs, seen as a symbol of the wealth and decadence in rappers lifestyles.

Jay-Z will start selling Krug and Dom Perignon in his clubs, and P. Diddy has joined him in the boycott.

I can't help but wonder--does Roederer even care? How much will this rap boycott will really affect sales? After all, it's mostly the rap and hip-hop artists themselves who are buying and drinking this stuff--it goes for hundreds of dollars a bottle, and most fans of any music style can't even touch that price.