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The other Italian white wines...

Pinot Grigio is a summertime favorite. Although it's pretty neutral, it does have some citrus notes, along with good acidity, making it a quaffable wine for patio sipping.

If you like Pinot Grigio, there are two other Italian white wines to try. Orvieto, from the Umbria region of Italy, is made with the Trebbiano grape. It also offers some citrus and apple flavors, along with crisp acidity. And Soave, made with the Garganega grape, is the second best selling wine in Italy. It's from the Veneto region of the country, and would be a great choice for enjoying on your deck, your patio or your boat.

Try them with a platter of your favorite cheeses, fruits and crackers. They are noncerebral wines, but on a hot summer day, that can be just what you are looking for.