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Virginia has clamped down even harder on wineries

A new law in Virginia now bars in-state wineries from selling directly to stores and restaurants. Wineries will still be able to sell to consumers through their tasting rooms, but in order to sell to restaurants, bars and stores, they will need to go through distributors. This could be the death of smaller wineries.

And what does it mean for the average consumer? Well, quite simply, that the price of Virginia wine, which is my opinion is in general already too high per bottle, will increase even more. Although I live in Virginia and like to support the local wine industry as much as possible, I just can't see spending $15 to $20 for a bottle of unripe Cabernet Sauvignon when I can get one from CA or Australia that's riper and higher quality, for the same price or less. I think they do better with varietals such as Viognier, but the price tag is often just too steep for me.