kelly magyarics

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A mid-priced Pinot Noir that's worth a taste

It's often hard to find a good, yet decently priced Pinot Noir. Those that are cheap are often produced in the wrong climate (too warm), and lose the varietal characteristics that Pinot lovers seek out (earthiness, coupled with subtle raspberry and cherry flavors and a bit of spice.) Many stellar bottles can run upwards of $30 (or, in the case of Burgundy, lots, lots more.) What's a Pinot Noir fan to do?

2004 Angeline Pinot Noir from the Russian River Valley fits the bill. Priced around $13 a bottle, it offers tart cranberry and cherry flavors, along with a bit of spicy and earthiness on the palate, and a medium-bodied finish. This winery also has Pinot offerings from Mendocino and Sonoma, but I'd stick with the Russian River Valley, since the cool microclimate there has been known to make Pinot thrive.

Enjoy it with practically any food--duck, salmon, chicken, smoked cheeses, or even all by itself. Chill it for just a little bit to make it even more refreshing this summer. And congratulate yourself for having such good taste (and for saving money.) Heck, at this price, buy several bottles, or a case. It's a great house wine to have around.