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2004 Onix Priorato

While dining at CityZen on Saturday night for our anniversary (a restaurant that I personally believes lives up to its hype and accolades, but more on that tomorrow...), we enjoyed a glass of 2004 Onix Garnacha and Carinena. This wine comes from the Priorat region of Spain--one of the oh so trendy wine regions right now. Since the grapes are also ones used in the Rhone Valley (where they are called Grenache and Carignan,) the profile was very much like that of a Cotes du Rhone blend: red fruit flavors, some spiciness, a touch of acidity, and just the right amount of tannins.

I believe the by-the-glass price at CityZen was $11 or so (definitely a major mark up...) I just found this wine online for $17 a bottle. Worth seeking out, especially if you are looking to brush up on wines from Priorat.