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Want to remember what you drank? Write it down!

As an icebreaker at my wine events, I often ask guests to share with the group a wine they have tried recently that they enjoy. A lot of times, I get the same response: "oh, I can never remember the names of the wines I drink." That can be very frustrating, because you may drink something you like, then never be able to find it again. The solution? Write it down!

Here are some tips:

1. Keep a wine journal. This can be either an actual wine journal (spiral or hard bound, sold at wine stores, and The Wine Enthusiast catalog), or something as simple as a small blank notebook or journal. Note the producer, wine name, and your overall impression of the wine (aromas, flavors, finish, assessment.) Finally, don't forget the vintage if there is one listed--wine can vary greatly from year to year.

2. Use your PDA. Software exists for keeping track of wines you try, or you can just use the notebook software that comes with your PDA's operating system and jot down the info.

3. Use your cell phone. Again, use the notebook feature, or you can even use the audio feature to record the wine details. Write it down when you get home.

4. Download my tasting notes sheet. Print out a bunch of copies, staple them together, and use it as a makeshift wine journal. (You can also use this sheet when you hold a home wine tasting.)

If you take my advice and write it down, you will have a starting point the next time you go to a wine store or restaurant. Happy sipping!