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Bonny Doon sells two of its leading wine brands

Bonny Doon announced that it has sold its Big House and Cardinal Zin brands to The Wine Group, LLC. This includes their Cardinal Zin Zinfandel, and their Big House Red and Big House White wines (which are sold in the DC area in World Market stores, among other places.)

I have long been a huge fan of Bonny Doon's wines, especially their Pacific Rim Dry Riesling (terrific with Asian food), their Le Cigare Volant (a fantastic tribute to Chateaunneuf du Pape) and their Muscat Vin de Glaciere (mock ice wine done very well.)

But to be honest, although I have never tried the Cardinal Zin, I am not a fan of the Big House Red or Big House White, which I think are insipid house blends that are generic and forgettable. So I say let 'em go, and concentrate on the wines that put them on the map.