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Wine for Jarred Indian Simmer Sauces

Tikka Masala. Red Curry. Garam Masala Sauce. I love the intense flavors of all of these sauces. And what I love even more is the fact that they are available ready-made from a host of local stores--Trader Joe's, Wegman's, Giant and Whole Foods. Add some diced, raw chicken breast, a sliced pepper and onion, let it simmer with the sauce while you cook some jasmine or basmati rice, and it's a no-fuss, no-brainer, delicious meal.

The Washington Post even had an article in today's food section raving about the various uses for these delicious simmer sauces.

As far as what to drink with these dishes--which can range from mildly seasoned to flat out spicy--I always turn to white wines that have a bit of sugar as well as spice. And my favorite wine in this category is Gewurztraminer. Intensely aromatic, with flavors of blossoms and lychee nuts, along with a bit of residual sugar, it cleanses and refreshes the palate, and keeps your mouth cool as a cucumber. Try Hogue Gewurztraminer from Washington State--a value-priced bottle that still offers a lot of flavor and aroma--the next time you are cooking Indian.