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Wine "flight"

Last year, Vino Volo opened it's first store at Dulles airport ("Vino Volo" means "wine flight.") Billed as a "wine room," shoppers can try flights of wines, and then purchase bottles of what they like to take on their trip or ship home.

I certainly welcome the idea of a wine bar at an airport. Usually, to kill time, travelers need to either loiter around the newsstand reading magazines, browse in overpriced souvenir shops, or have a drink in a dirty, ugly airport bar. A wine bar provides a nice atmosphere and a place to relax with a glass of vino.

Not sure I buy into the concept of purchasing wine there to take on your trip or ship home, though. I can't imagine many fliers wanting to make their luggage even heavier by carrying on bottles of wine, or spending money to ship them (especially since the wines on their wine list are often readily available in wine stores...) Also, with the latest carry-on restrictions, travelers most likely WON'T be able to take on bottles of wine.

If that restriction sticks, kind of kills half of their business model, doesn't it?

Vino Volo plans to expand to 5-7 other airports in 2006.