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Wine for a BLT

While enjoying a BLT for lunch today (unfortunately, without wine,) I got to thinking about what wine would pair with this sandwich (one of my faves.) You have the acidity of the tomatoes, the greasiness of the mayonnaise, and the bacon's smokiness and fat. Oh, by the way, I always add a slice of raw onion to my BLTs, making them BOLTs (which sounds MUCH better than BLOTs, don't you agree?)

Although there is a good handful of wines that would go nicely with BLTs (Sauvignon Blanc would pair with the tomato's acidity, and Cotes du Rhone is an all around good red choice, with enough of a backbone but not too much tannin), the best pairing I came up with is Chianti.

Usually relegated to Italian pasta dinners, Chianti works with BLTs for several reasons. First of all, the Sangiovese grape has a bit of an "earthy," "dusty" quality that matches that of smoked and/or cured bacon. And, perhaps even more importantly, Chianti has enough acidity to both pair with the tomatoes, and cut the fat of the bacon and mayo.

Just a thought for your next picnic, or lunch on the deck.