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D'Arenberg wines for a rainy day

A damp, rainy, miserable day like today calls for a wine to really look forward to at dinnertime...

And anything by Australian winemaker d'Arenberg fits and the bill.

If you want something that tastes great but is easy on the wallet, try their Grenache Syrah Stump Jump McLaren Vale, with cherries, raspberries and spice, for just 1o bucks.

Looking for a splurge? There's always The Dead Arm Shiraz McLaren Vale at 60 bucks a bottle, an extremely complex Shiraz that will leave you rattling off taste and aroma descriptors long after the bottle is finished.

For a price compromise, go with Shiraz/Viognier The Laughing Magpie McLaren Vale, for 30 dollars. This Rhone valley style blend offers blackberries and honeysuckle, an interesting and delicious combination.

And raise a glass to the weather the rest of the week, which is looking up.