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Are you certified in cork?

Wine lovers often have a love-hate relationship with corks. They offer a tight seal and allow wines to age, and uncorking a bottle is one of the classic, romantic parts of enjoying wine.

However, with 3-7% of the world's wines affected by cork taint, which leads to wines that smell and taste of wet dog, wet basement and wet newspapers, is it any wonder that wine lovers are seeking other alternatives, such as screw tops and synthetic corks? Who wants to spend thousands of dollars on a case of First Growth Bordeaux, lay it down for 20 years, and then find out that 1/12 of your investment (or maybe even more...) has succumbed to cork taint?

APCOR, the Portugese Cork Association, has designed what they call a cork certification course--an online quiz where you can find out how much you really know (or don't...) about cork. It's not as easy as it looks. Give it a try on