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New robot "sommelier" can identify wine and cheese

Scientists in Japan have created a robot that can correctly identify dozens of wines and cheeses.

It's not always 100% foolproof, though, as demonstrated when it identified one reporter's hand as being prosciutto, and another's, bacon. Gross.

Useful applications include finding the best produce, and using it in fine wine auctions to determine if a wine is good, or has gone bad due to cork taint or other problems.

I don't think that sommeliers, wine stewards, critics and educators need to worry about losing their jobs because of a robot, though. While the robot does a decent job of recognizing some wines as soon as the bottles are opened, the accuracy decreases as the wine breathes, and the aromas chemically change.

And, there is nothing like the personal touch of someone who really knows and enjoys wine, who can help you find that perfect bottle to go with your special dinner, at a restaurant.