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Leathery Barolo

I was talking last week in my blog about how according to researchers, Nebbiolo has been shown to induce sleepiness.

This past weekend, though, I tried one that certainly didn't make me fall asleep. On the contrary, I sat up and took notice...

It was a 2001 Marchesi di Barolo. Barolo needs to be aged by law at least 3 years, so this one is going on 5. What's interesting about this kind of wine (as with all good reds...) is that over the years, complex flavors can develop, from strawberry, to violet, to mushrooms, to leather. This one smelled and tasted like a new leather jacket--in a good way. Very funky, and very interesting. The tannins were still there, but they did mellow out a bit during the bottle ageing, and I'm sure they would continue to do so.

This bottle retailed for $35--cheap by Barolo standards--and it's a bottle I would definitely go back to.