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Need some help in pairing food and wine?

If you feel overwhelemed when attempting to pair food with wine, there are lots of resources available to help. First of all, remember that there are no hard and fast rules. The "white with fish and red with meat" rule is WAY out of date. It makes more sense to think about 1. the way a dish is prepared; and 2. any sauces of accompaniments.

Here are some books that I recommend on the subject of food and wine pairing:

Perfect Pairings, by Evan Goldstein: Part cookbook, part informational source, this Master Sommelier provides information on classic pairings, as well as some you may not have thought of.

How to Match Food and Wine, by Fiona Beckett: This small, pocket-sized book (64 pages) is a good, basic reference to keep on hand when planning a menu.

Great Tastes Made Simple, by Andrea Immer: Andrea's enthusiasm and love of wine is infectious, and her books are approachable, easy to read and chock-full of information.

Good luck! And remember, if you book a wine tasting or Wine 101 class with me, I'll provide lots of food and wine pairing tips during the class. Check out my website for more information.