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Some wine and food pairing tips for cooler weather

By October, we've pretty much traded in our shorts and t-shirts for jeans and sweaters (though you wouldn't know it by yesterday's weather in the DC area.) Here are some food and wine pairings to celebrate the arrival of autumn:

Côtes du Rhône: This French wine can be a blend of up to 15 grapes, including Syrah and Grenache, and it’s made for cold-weather comfort foods. Its earthiness pairs well with any mushroom-based dishes, including Coq au Vin and stuffed mushrooms.

Gewürztraminer: Literally “spicy grape” in German, this wine offers a touch of the exotic, including aromas and flavors of honeysuckle and ginger (think potpourri in a glass, in a good way.) Pair with roasted pork tenderloin, or ginger-peach crisp.

Red Zinfandel: Big, bold and spicy, (and nothing like its distant cousin White Zinfandel,) Red Zin is perfect for Steak Au Poivre, and is also the perfect match for your Thanksgiving turkey.