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Wine on TV

After years of dating shows, races around the world, and surviving 30 days on a remote island, I guess it was bound to happen.

Decanter reported that 2 wine-related realty shows are in the works.. Filmaking has begun for "The Winemakers," where amateur oenophiles will make wine in Paso Robles. And "Corkscrewed" The Wrath of Grapes" will premiere in November (this show is a joint US/UK venture...)

Maybe the popularity of reality cooking shows led producers to think "hmmm....what about wine?" And of course, if I had heard of this shows before now, I would have loved to audition for them. But I'm not sure how popular they will be with the American public. Are the TV viewers who watch realty shows the same ones who consume most of the wine in the U.S.? Not sure about that...

Nonetheless, I'll get my TiVo set when I hear air dates, and give them a go.