kelly magyarics

washington, d.c.-based wine, spirits, travel & lifestyle writer / wine educator


Wine for pumpkin pie

I love the flavors of fall, especially pumpkin, cinnamon and nutmeg. But what to enjoy with that most American of desserts, pumpkin pie?

Well, to have a successful dessert and wine pairing, the wine needs to be at least as sweet as the dessert, if not moreso, or it can end up tasting like vinegar. Luckily, pumpkin pie isn't typically THAT sweet...

I would go with a Gewurztraminer (maybe Hogue or Chateau St. Michelle from Washington State). A spicy Gewurz will pair with the spices in the pumpkin pie, while adding some interesting and heady honeysuckle aromas.

You could also try a demi-sec Champagne, which has some sugar, as well as refreshing bubbles to cleanse your palate of the richness of the pie.

Happy baking!!!