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Jay-Z finds a new Champagne to endorse

After dissing Roederer's Cristal a few months ago, claiming the owner is a racist, he has now endorsed a small, little known Champagne house. Armand de Brignac, described by the importer as an "ultra-luxury product," is featured in Jay-Z's new video.

It does have the bling factor going for it--it's in a gold-plated bottle with a pewter label in the shape of an ace of spades, and it's also referred to as "Ace." So don't be surprised if that term pops up in more and more rap songs in the near future...

I haven't tried this Champagne--it had only been available in France, but now it's being imported to the U.S. (no doubt in part because of the publicity that Jay-Z is giving to it...) But the packaging, at least, looks gorgeous (definitely one of those bottles you save after you open it and display on a home bar.)