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NV Cockburn Fine Ruby Port

Ahhhh...the fall weather this past weekend really put me in the mood for Port (and to think, this is a wine that I just discovered in the past year...before that I wasn't really a fan. Guess I just hadn't tried the right ones.)

My preference leans towards ruby or late bottled vintage (LBV). Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy the nuttiness and caramel notes in tawny, and I won't turn down a glass of vintage port if someone else is buying, but I really like the bright berry flavors that are so apparent in ruby and (often) LBV.

We opened up a bottle of NV Cockburn Fine Ruby Port, and at $10.99 at Total Wine, it's a steal. Best served at least lightly chilled, it had good raspberry flavors with a bit of maple syrup, and finished very smoothly (chilling it takes away that alcohol burn--it is, after all, fortified wine, so the ABV is 20%). We also tried it with a few pieces of good quality dark chocolate.

A perfect way to spend an evening.