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Wine for Halloween leftovers

My 2 year old daughter got a fair amount of candy when we went out Trick or Treating the other night (more than I will let her eat, that's for sure.) And we also had a decent amount of candy left that we doled out to Trick or Treaters (we live on a street that ends in a cul de sac, and I think a lot of kids don't see the payoff of walking down here...)

After we got home, we showed her how to sort her candy, just like Mommy and Daddy used to do when we were kids. It got me thinking about what wines to pair with some of the treats (not that you would necessarily want to). I know I'm not a candy nut, but when it's in the house, I'll eat it. Anyway, here are some matches that I came up with. Keep in mind when pairing wine with candy (or any dessert), that the wine needs to be at least as sweet as the treat with which you are enjoying it, if not more so. Otherwise, the wine will come off tasting like vinegar.

* Sweet Tarts and Smarties: Since these are so tart, go with a dessert wine that has a good amount of refreshing acidity, like a late harvest Riesling.

* Snickers, Milky Way, Baby Ruth, and other candy bars with caramel and nuts: the nutty and caramel notes in a nice Tawny Port will go well.

* Hershey's Special Dark and other dark chocolate candy bars: A Ruby Port will match (and balance out) the bitterness in these candies.)

* Bottle Caps and Pez: Since these candies almost feel "fizzy" in your mouth, how about a Demi-Sec Champagne or sparkling wine?

* Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Butterfinger, etc: Peanut butter is tricky to match with wine, but again, a late harvest Riesling seems to pair, and cleanses and refreshes the palate after the peanut butter dries it out.

* Swedish Fish (and other gummy candies): The cherry flavors in a White Zinfandel go with these gummy creations.

* Fireballs: A late harvest Gewurztraminer will match the spiciness and tame the fire in this treat (I've never liked these, but I know a lot of people do...)

Have any other candy and wine matches to share? Post a comment on my blog, or email me at

Cheers! And don't forget to brush your teeth!