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Vendor review for Metro Cooking Show

As promised, here are some of the vendor highlights from this past weekend's Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show:

* CurrySimple: With curry sauces that taste like they came out of your favorite Thai restaurant, this company rocks. I usually stick with the Yellow Curry, which is mild enough that my daughter can enjoy it too, but they have lots of different styles ranging from sweet Massaman to super hot green. A bag of their sauce is $8, but yields several meals. They also sell coconut soup mix and Thai Tea mix.

* Crepes a Go Go: This Gaithersburg restaurant and caterer offers crepes with countless toppings, ranging from sugar and butter, to Nutella and strawberries, to savory crepes with chicken, etc. They were giving away free samples at the show, and the line was long (but worth it.) I'll have to make it up to the restaurant sometime. Their crepes reminded me of the wonderful concoctions the street vendors sell in Paris.

* Stirrings: Their drink mixes and rimmers are always a hit (they started to run out of everything at the show on Saturday afternoon...wonder what they did on Sunday.) Since "pomegranate is the new cranberry" according to Bon Appetit and other foodie sources, try their Pomegranate mix in a vodka martini. Or mix it with some sparkling wine and a touch of lime juice for a pre-Thanksgiving meal cocktail.

* Lotus Chips: A totally addictive snack food, Lotus Chips come in several varities. My favorite was the tomato and basil, which would go perfectly with a glass of crisp Sauvignon Blanc.

* Monastery Bakery: This monastery and abbey makes truffles, fruitcake, and creamed honey. The honey comes in natural, cinnamon, raspberry, lemon and other flavors. Whipped until it's smooth, light and creamy, it has a long shelf life and goes well in your favorite tea, or on your favorite scone or baked good. I opted for the lemon--I figured that if I use that in my tea this winter, it's killing 2 birds with one stone. And it would also go well on a lemon blueberry scone.