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How much wine will I need?

Confused about how much wine to purchase for your next get-together? Evite has a handy drink calculator on its website. Just plug in the duration of your party, how many guests will be attending (it's even broken down into "light," "medium" and "heavy" drinkers), and what drinks you will be serving (beer, wine and/or liquor.)

For my wine tasting events, I can get about 15 pours out of a bottle of wine (keep in mind that this is for a wine tasting, not a party.) So if you are getting together with your wine club, or with a group of friends, trying some new bottles, you'll need about 1 bottle per 15 people. If you are tasting a lot of wines (6-8), I definitely don't recommend more than this. However, if you are only trying, say, 3 or 4 wines, an extra bottle or two may be helpful if guests would like a glass after the tasting portion of the evening is finished.

And remember that there is a tasting sheet available on my website, so guests can note their overall impressions of the wines. Feel free to download and print it out as you need to.