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Russian River Valley Pinot

I'm still going back and forth on what wines to serve for Thanksgiving, specifically the red for the main course. I typically serve Zinfandel--usually Ravenswood or Rosenblum--but this year I think I may go for Pinot Noir.

If I do, then one of my top choices will be Angeline Russian River Valley Pinot Noir. It's very fruit-forward, easy-drinking with supple tannins, and just an all-around great CA Pinot. It pairs nicely with not only the bird, but with side dishes like cranberry sauce--there is a lot of cranberry and raspberry on the palate.

It happens to be on sale this week at Total Wine for $12.99, so if you are making dinner for a crowd, it's also an economical choice. Just be sure to save a few bottles on the shelf for me...