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Spain's answer to "What do I drink with sushi?"

When asked by friends and clients what wine to enjoy with sushi, I often steer them towards a sparkling wine such as Prosecco or Cava. Often underrated as a "food wine," sparkling wine's acidity pairs well with food and cleanses the palate. If they are looking for a still wine, then I suggest a New World sauvignon blanc, or a Spanish Albarinho--both are light, crisp choices that typically don't see oak.

Spanish winemaker Freixenet has just released another option for sushi--a white wine called Oroya. Oroya is a blend of Airen (the most widely planted white grape in the world, incidentally,) Macabeo and Alexandria Muscat. I have not read a review of the wine, but Maccabeo and Airen are relatively neutral grapes. The Alexandria Muscat will give some floral and "grapy" notes, so the wine in general is most likely a pretty light white.

Freixenet plans to create a rose wine for sushi next, as well as a totally different Oroya in Argentina with Torrontes and Pinot Noir. That could be interesting...