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Low-end, high-end stemware

If you are like me, you are afraid to get really expensive stemware for the breakage factor. I'm worried not only about my guests, but about my klutziness while cleaning them and letting them dry. Most of my stemware is Spiegelau, Riedel's main competitor, which still offers the large bowls and thin rims I love, but at a bit lower price tag. (Of course, I have still broken a glass or two while cleaning them, which always breaks my heart...)

However, last year my husband got me a set of Vivant Champagne flutes from Target's Riedel line, and I was sold as soon as I opened the box. They fit my criteria of a thinly rimmed glass (which always makes the wine tastes better, for some reason...), and the shape is really pretty and elegant. At $40 for a set of four, the price is right, too.

So if you are in the market for decent stemware that doesn't break the bank, or need a last minute gift, check out the Riedel collections at Target. They carry different sized wine glasses, as well as beer glasses and a decanter. They all come packaged in sleek boxes, and make a wonderful Christmas gift for any wine lover (or for yourself...)

You can see the collection here.