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Wine board game

I came across a board game that tests your wine knowledge--everything from recognizing labels from famous wineries, to identifying the wine inside of a bottle based on its shape. Bouquet, The Wine Game, touts itself as "not a matter of life and death, it is simply a question of red and white."

Created by Britt Backe, a certified Swedish sommelier, Bouquet became available in the United States in December of 2004. Apparently, both wine novices and experts alike will enjoy the game and be able to answer the questions. (There are 3 levels to all questions: amateur, professional and connnoisseur.)

I've never played the game, or seen it in person, but it sounds like it could be fun for a group of wine loving friends or wine club members to play. The website lists retailers all around the U.S. by state--looks like UnWined in Alexandria is the only place in the DC metro area that currently carries it.