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VA Winemakers keeping their fingers crossed

Winemakers in Virginia are hoping that the Saxman bill, which would allow winemakers in the state to sell directly to stores and restaurants (unlike out of state wineries) will pass this year in the General Assembly.

The bill lost in last year's vote, but many attribute that to lack of lobbying from winemakers.

Clients often ask me what I think of VA wine, and if I buy and drink a lot of it. I typically respond that while I like to support the local wine economy, I think that a lot of the wine in the state is vastly overpriced, compared to the bottles I can get from South America or Australia, for example (cheaper price, better quality.) The Saxman bill would lower prices, since wineries won't have to go through distributors to sell their products. That might make me (and lots of other wine lovers in the state) more apt to buy VA wine on a regular basis.