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New Zealand Pinot Noir tops Bon Appetit "foodie" survey

The March issue of Bon Appetit has the results of the 10th Annual Readers' Survey. New Zealand Pinot Noir won out as the "wine you order when you're trying something new".

Those of you who have been reading my Blog for awhile may know that I attended a NZ trade tasting last summer, which included a sit down tasting of NZ Pinot Noirs. There is a lot of buzz about these wines, and some say they may rival some of the best Burgundies in about 10 years or so.

While I found some of them too tart, and lacking the distinctive silky tannins, there were some standouts. Wines from Spy Valley, Matua Valley and Rockburn come to mind as having the right blend of tart cranberry or other fruit along with interesting and earthy undertones. Some of them reminded me of good bottles from Oregon.

A good Pinot can be an excellent choice for dining out, as it can pair with anything from salmon, to chicken, to duck. If you are looking to venture beyond CA, Oregon and France, and a NZ Pinot is on the menu, give it a try if you are looking for something new.