kelly magyarics

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Happy Chinese New Year!

Planning on making or ordering some Chinese food or Dim Sum to celebrate the Year of the Pig? Break open a bottle of some Asian-friendly Riesling. Riesling can run the gamut from bone dry to dessert-style. But all of them, even the sweetest styles, should have good acidity to cleanse the palate and make any residual sugar more, well, palatable. And aromas and flavors will range from apple to peach to floral.

If you select a German bottle, look for Kabinett or Spatlese for off-dry styles. My favorite American producer is Chateau St. Michelle. Their basic offering is delicious, but for a little bit more money you can enjoy the Eroica Riesling--about $17 and definitely worth it. Bonny Doon's Pacific Rim Dry Riesling is also a nice choice, as is J. Lohr.

Happy New Year!