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On the rocks, straight up, or in a stick?

When I'm not drinking wine, my beverages of choice are either gin and tonic (preferably Tanqueray...), or, in the warmer months, Mojitos, complete with fresh mint from my garden. (The first Mojito I had was about 8 years ago when I visited my brother in South Beach...ahh...memories.). Both cocktails are refreshing and relatively light (compared to something like, say, a Manhattan...). And it probably explains why I really like wines that have a good amount of citrus and/or acidity, like Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling.

I was pleasantly surprised while waiting in line at Target tonight to see that Orbit has released a new "exotic" flavor of gum called Mint Mojito. It's VERY refreshing, and tastes very much like the cocktail that bears its name. With just the right blend of (authentic tasting) lime and mint, it's a great little pick me up.