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A Reserve Syrah and a good luck dinner...

A few years ago when my brother (a flight surgeon in the Navy) was stationed in Bremerton, Washington, my husband and I took a trip out to see him. We spent lots of time in nearby Seattle, and took a day trip to Woodinville--site of Chateau St. Michelle and Columbia Crest wineries, as well as Red Hook brewery and brewpub and a host of trendy, eclectic restaurants.

We did the reserve tasting at Chateau St. Michelle, and brought back a few bottles. (Their grounds are gorgeous, by the way, and the winery is housed in an actual "chateau"--definitely worth a visit if you are in the area...or even if you aren't.) One of the wines we bought was the 2001 Columbia Valley Reserve Syrah.

My brother's stationed in Hawaii right now, but he's being deployed to Iraq next month to be the primary physician for the Marines he's been working with. He visited us this past week before leaving in April for 7 months, and I figured what better time to open the bottle of Reserve Syrah than the evening before he left. We enjoyed it with filet mignon with Demi-Glace, sauteed mushrooms and onions and grilled asparagus.

The wine was opulent and intense, with lots of dark berries, and a dark ruby color, and it finished with a bit of chocolate.

A votre sante, RJ. Here's to your health and safety. Be careful over there, and come home soon.