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Eggs-straordinary wines (sorry...)

I read with interest Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg's article in the Post Food section yesterday ("The Precarious Balance of Oak and Yolk"), which gave some great wine suggestions for egg dishes. One of their recommendations for "savory" egg dishes like omelets and frittatas is blanc de blancs Champagne. I wholeheartedly agree, and also would add Cava to that list--much more wallet-friendly for your Sunday brunch...

Another favorite wine of mine with eggs is Vouvray. This under-appreciated white from the Loire Valley is made with the Chenin Blanc grape. Flavors range from apple to peach, and styles from dry to dessert. My favorite style for egg dishes is off-dry, with a bit of prickle/fizz on the tongue. Delicate enough to match the lightness of things like scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, yet with enough body and flavors to to stand up to frittatas with ham and vegetables.

Vouvray is a winner for spring's bounty of produce, too.