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A mid-priced, versatile Bordeaux

I went out for dinner on Saturday night with my husband's family to celebrate his parents' 40th wedding anniversary (congratulations Pam and Jim!). We headed to The Manor House, a country French restaurant in Center Valley, Pennsylvania--one of their favorites.

Most of us ended up getting steak, everyone wanted to drink red, and, since the kids were footing the bill, we wanted to select wine that didn't break the bank... Although the wine list had lots of American selections, I wanted to stick with a French red to match the cuisine. We tried a 2001 Chateau Larose Trintaudon, and it proved to be an easy-drinking crowd pleaser.

Made with 60%/40% Cab/Merlot, it had approachable tannins that paired with our filet mignon as well as scallops and lobster. The fruit profile was very "Bordeaux-like": not all that fruit forward, but some subtle cherry aromas and flavors, as well as some licorice and vanilla notes. The Manor House sells it for $35 a bottle, but I checked it out online, and it goes for $15-$20. Not a bad price for an everyday Bordeaux.