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The Netflix of wine

"Wine of the Month" clubs have never really appealed to me. Although the Forrest Gump "you never know what you are gonna get" factor may be exciting to some people, I prefer to know what bottles I'll be drinking. Add to that the fact that shipping often costs almost as much as the monthly fee, and it's no wonder that I would rather head to local wine shops.

Enter WineQ. This wine by mail club can pretty much be described as Netflix for wine lovers. You sign up (membership is $4.95) per month, and set up a queue of wines that you would like to order. If you spend $35 or more per order, shipping is free. The wines are mostly CA boutique wines, but there is a decent selection and price range. The site offers a free three month trial subscription, and soon there will be a "Friends" section, so (like Netflix) you can see what your friends are drinking, and what they think of each wine. This whole process is a very cool concept.

Of course, because of the silly interstate shipping laws when it comes to alcohol, not all wineries will ship to all states, and only certain states will allow shipments at all. You can find out all the info and more on the website's FAQ.