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A Visit to Macon for an Easy Drinking White

I'm always on the lookout for food friendly white wines. And for me, this usually means those that are unoaked (NZ Sauvignon Blancs, French Sancerres, Australian Unoaked Chardonnays). However, I'm willing to drink oaked whites as long as that flavor is well-integrated and pretty subtle--I personally prefer the crisp citrus or apple flavors to overshadow any toastiness, coconut or vanilla notes.

One place in the world to find such wines is the Macon region of Burgundy. There, lots of easy drinking whites are made with the Chardonnay grape--some oaked, some not, but most if not all of the ones that I have tried that fall into the former camp are well-balanced.

The other evening, we enjoyed a bottle of Domaine Lenoir Macon Villages from Georges Duboeuf. It exhibited some good crisp apple and a hint of minerals, both of which were balanced by soft vanilla flavors (but the wine was not too "soft" or "flabby" by any means). The wine paired well with the grilled scallops and steamed mussels we had for dinner, and we also enjoyed another glass all by itself when we were finished.