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What the heck are they drinking???

It's a small pet peeve, to be sure, but it bothers me just the same: what tries to pass as red wine when characters are drinking on television?

Last night, on Desperate Housewives, Gaby and Susan got together one evening to share a bottle of "red wine" and a box of chocolates. The bottle was Bordeaux-shaped, so one would expect a Cabernet or something equally opaque. But what they showed in the glasses looked more like Kool Aid or cranberry juice--and it just didn't look authentic enough.

This isn't the first time I've noticed this on a TV show, and I don't know why, but it bugs me.. If producers want to keep things non-alcoholic, (maybe union laws require it?) then it makes sense to use some kind of fruit juice. But come on, you gotta at least make it LOOK like wine--add some food coloring or something. I'm sure a mixture of grape juice and cranberry juice would even look better.

I just had to vent about that. :-)