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Gin gets its due...and here's a new one to try

You can't turn the pages of a food or wine related magazine, or browse a culinary website, these days, without reading something about the "comeback of gin". I'm proud to say that I have been a faithful gin drinker for years (Tanqueray, with fresh tonic and lots of lime juice, to be exact. Or Seagram's if I'm on a budget--less expensive and still makes a decent G&T). No matter the brand, gin is aromatic, refreshing and delicious (no offense to lovers of that "other" clear beverage...)

Artisinal gins seem to be where it's at these days (for more on the subject, check out the current issue of Bon Appetit, which offers a primer on the latest small batch offerings.) But Tanqueray, one of the major players in the game, has released a new bottle to add to their "default" style and their No. 10. Called Tanqueray Rangpur, it's infused with "rare Rangpur limes, ginger and bay leaves." Just released nationwide in February of this year, it retails for around $22 for a 750 mL bottle.

Not wanting to commit to a full bottle without trying it first, I opted for 2 of the single serving "airplane" bottles. We chilled them in the fridge, and then tried drinking it straight. The botanicals were apparent, but not overly so (it certainly wasn't as "limey" as Seagram's Lime Gin, etc.) Rather than drinking it naked, we actually preferred it in our beloved G&T, where it was very smooth. But if you are a martini lover, this would make a mean one.

I'll probably end up buying a (full-sized) bottle next time I'm gin shopping. We seem to go through more of it in the summer, when G&T's taste especially good, so that will most likely be soon.