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Hot wine

My schedule unfortunately didn't allow me to make it out to this year's Vintage Virginia wine festival, which was held this past weekend at Bull Run Regional Park. But my webmaster Pierrette attended on Sunday (the better day to go this year, as the off and on rains kept the crowds light...)

She passed along some information about some very unique wines from Peaks of Otter Winery in Bedford. Wine purists--brace yourselves, as this winery specializes in fruit wines. Their Chili Dawg wine is made with 97% apples and 3% chili powder, resulting in a wine that tastes like hot pepper jelly. Pierrette said it was unlike anything she's ever had, and it was a fun change. She also recommended it with with sharp or cheddar cheese.

They also produce a wine that's more for cooking than drinking (except maybe if you are a masochist...) called Kiss the Devil Chili Pepper.

For more information on these wine concoctions, check out Peaks of Otter's products page. And thanks, Pierrette, for the "hot" tip.